Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now must try to relax and calm myself down ........

Since I've to start my IVF treatment next month, I should try to relax and calm myself down so that my hormone can be stabilised.

I must remind myself everyday and hopefully have a smooth sailing IVF journey and get pregnant soon (have a healthy prenancy and delivery healthy baby).

IVF is a very stressful journey!
Those who've gone thru it should understand what I mean.

The various stages is full of "excitement" and stress - from the initial scans, blood test, ER, ET & 2WW, pregnancy test etc ....... each time its an "heart attack" experience.

How did I manage to pass thru the stages during my previous IVF cycles?
Oh I was really ignorant then and didnt bother to read up nor check or ask the doc the scan or blood test result - just follow what they tell me to do.

I think being ignorant has its advantage, as it's less stressful.

However, as I've experienced IVF fresh cycle twice and FET once, m/c thrice, I've known too much to remain ignorant ..........

Maybe this time I should do the same by not asking any question about my follicles qty, size, blood test result etc ...........

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