Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Fat!

After 5 mths of exercise, I'm still 50kg!
I've been running about 3 to 4 times weekly (except when it's ovulation period till CD 1 of the next mens).
So effectively 2 weeks jog and 2 weeks break ...........

Why no further weight lost?
I will try to lose some weight by end March, and shall update then!


  1. wow, 50KG is fat for you? craps, i'm currently at 52-53kg :(

  2. I was 44kg prior to my 1st pregnancy then went up to 53 on my 3rd ........
    Despite the regular exercise regime, I only managed to shed 3kg and I was hoping to drop down to about 48kg ......
    I'm currently holidaying in San Franc and have been eating non-stop (since the weather is cold and then to feel hungry easily), so I guess I should've gained 2kg.
    Oh dear, this means I gotta diet when I come back to SG next week!