Sunday, May 2, 2010

AF came after 44 days

Last Sunday 24 April, my AF finally came on CD45 ........
The week the AF came, I was extremely tired and sleepy.
Despite having 7 hrs of sleep, I'll still wake up feeling tired as if I've not been sleeping the night before.

Last Sun, went to TCM and she explained that this was due to the residual effect of the high Gonal-F which I jabbed for 12 days in March.
She prescribed a very bitter medication for 5 days consumption to help to expel the Gonal-F residual.

For the 1st 2 days the AF flow was pretty heavy but on the 3rd it was pretty ligh but I was told to complete the medication.

On CD3 (Tue 26 Apr) I went to KKH to have by blood test to check on E2, FSH & AMH.
The clinic also did scanning on my follicle count and they informed that the AMH result will only be availble in about 2/ 3 weeks time.

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