Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend at Downtown East Chalet

My sis had rented chalet at the Downtown East in Pasir Ris and had invited everybody during the weekend.

I was there yesterday at the chalet and was rather surprised to see my niece - Slyn 13 years old brought her boyfriend along.
I remembered vividly that Slyn was a very adorable, beautiful and active baby 12 twelve years ago ......... it was a joy playing with her when she was an infant and todler.
She's a really beautiful girl and time really flies fast, now she has a boyfriend who is 3 years older then her from the same school.

My sis wasnt very pleased with Slyn having a relationship at such a young age but she has promised that they'll both remain as very good friend and wont do anything which will worry the parents.

We think this puppy love wouldn't last too long since soon the boy will go to junior college or poly to further his study.
Soon Slyn may experience the pain of ending a relationship but this is part of growing up........

I also took all the kids to the beach for a stroll and it was really nice to see children running around in the park and playing games.

I'll remember the image of the kids playing and play it in my mind again and again to create the positive thoughts/ energy to help me conceive a child ..........

I look forward to the day of bringing my own kids to the park for a fun outing ...........

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