Sunday, May 16, 2010

FSH got Worst!

Its really bad news that my Apr FSH reading has gone up to 26!
Yes, its 26 and there's not typo error.

This reading means I wont be able to proceed to IVF short protocol.

Doc asked me to repeat the test this coming cycle to check if it's still as high.

If the reading is still high, I'll need to go for donor's egg or adoption .........

I dont think I'll repeat the FSH test so soon, I'll instead take a break before I go for the test as I dont wanna stress myself up.

Doc told me to try naturally ourselve and he was rather nice, he told me that there're ladies who got FSH 200 and yet got preg naturally ........
I replied that him that I'll buy "TOTO" (lottery ticket) at the same time to see which strike first.
He said, maybe I strike both.

We all know that the chances of getting preg naturally is very very low, the probability is so slim that its equivalent to wininng of lottery.

He just being nice and polite to instill some hope in me which I appreciate since he's known as a doc of few words.

Life still goes on, I think I'll plan for a holiday to US - San Francisco this July.


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