Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vesak Day to Ipoh

This Fri 28 May is Vesak Day and it's a public holiday in SG, since its long weekend RY has suggested to drive back to Ipoh.

I think it's kinda crazy to drive such long hours to go back Ipoh and spend just 3 days there, but I know I should respect RY since he wants to go back home to see his parents ........ he's ultimately somebody's son, so I should let the parents see their son too ......

Initially we planned to meet up the parents in KL but last min, the parents cant make it, so RY change his plan to go to Ipoh instead.

You may ask, why dont you extend our stay in Ipoh?
It's becos' I've a flight to catch on the following Monday to go on a biz trip for a week.
I'm actually not very keen to do any biz trip and that's the reason why I switched to this current job to minimise travelling.

Sometime I asked myself, was it a mistake that I took up a travel intensive job years ago which may have somehow delayed my family planning??
I've no answer for that since it was the "best" decision at that point in time as I was enjoy doing it ........
It's also no point crying over spilt milk now.

Well, I look forward to Ipoh trip for the yummy food as well as my cheap hair cut (I get my hair done in a proper salon for RM25 by qualified hair stylist).

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