Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back from Ipoh!

There was a change of plan, instead of departing for Ipoh from SG on Fri 28 May, RY decided to leave on 27 May Thur evening in view of the shorter working day (office close early at 4pm for the "eat-with-family" campaign).
So RY picked me up from wrok at 4pm to go home to pack up and finally set-off at 5pm to MY.

It was a very adventurous drive since the night traffic was really busy and all the night riders were driving really fast and ones need to be fast in order to keep up with the traffic.
I dont think I'll ever have the courage to drive alone on the Malaysia hi-way at night, it's really no joke, eveyone is moving really really fast ..........

Both SG and MY customs were very smooth and we managed to reach Ipoh at 11.30pm.
We didnt starve, we had our fast food dinner at the toilet stop after Malacca.

This morning 7am, we set off from Ipoh and back in SG at 1pm and we were glad that there wasnt any queue at the customs.

I dont think we'll try night driving to Ipoh again (KL is ok since its shorter distance and we've done it couple of times) since it's really very tiring .........
But not sure what RY thinks ...........

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