Monday, August 31, 2009

Enjoy cooking

I think I enjoyed cooking very much.
I enjoy watching RY finish up the food that I cook.

I'm not a good cook and have never gone for any cooking class nor learn from any cook book ........
I've horned my cooking skill thru observation.
I've been observing my mum and sis when they cook.

My mum always said it's important for a women to know how to cook so that she can feed herself and her family.

These few days, I've experimented new dishes and RY said it's nice.
In future, I'll try to take some photos to post it here so that I can remember.

Its enjoyable watch RY finish the food.
This afternoon, the yee mee that I cooked was finished by him and he said it taste better then those sold outside.
This remark has made my day.

My wish is to quit work and care for my family - husband and children.
I remembered telling RY 10 years ago that I wanna be a housewife - I've longed to care for my children.

I'm looking forward to that day to come.
Family is most important and career to me is secondary.

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