Monday, August 31, 2009

What have I been eating last few days after the D&C?

Last Fri, went to mum for dinner (simple food like veg and fish) and she boiled black chix with red dates/ woolfberries & dang sheng.

On Sat, morning had veg mee hoon and lunch RY bought western set lunch (pasta with grilled fish & pork chop with fries).  Dinner was home cooked food - American ginseng soup with chix, french beans with dried scallops and baked mushrooms.

On Sun, brough mum to eat Tiong Bahru bao in Jurong East.
Lunch - I cooked udong with mushroom (added wooldberries & red dates to make soup base) and sesame chix and hand made meat balls.
Dinner - steam red snapper, fried cai xin and boiled dang gui soup

This morning I had bread with kaya and a glass of ensure beverage as breakfast.
Lunch (RY came home to join me so I decided to cook yee mee soup) - put Ikan bilis cube & dried scallops for the soup base, added cai xin, meat balls and 2 eggs to the yee mee.
Baked mushrooms for lunch too.
Dinner - mum not cooking and I also dont feel like cooking so RY will tah pau cai fan.
I still have some left over dang gui soup from last night, so will heat it up to drink later.

Oh for the last few days, I've been making red dates + wolfberries + dang sheng + longang drink.
I was told that I need to bu qi and this red dates drink is good for my healing.

I guess should be bread for breakfast.
Lunch should be old chang kee curry puff - I'm going to do hair hena tomorrow late morning so will need to tah pau something to eat inside the salon.
But I'll bring my red dates drink with me.

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