Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why is this happening again?

Last Sat 22 Aug, I was feeling really nervous as we've to meet up the gynae to check if he can detect baby's heartbeat .......
I was awake at 3am and cant sleep till 6am, then finally nap till 7am ........ I was wondering why cant I have a good night of sleep........
Then I think subconciously I must be feeling stressed due to the gynae appointment - the verdict about my pregnancy.

I told the doc that I had no spotting for > 1 week (2 weeks ago I was spotting and had 2 progesterone jab in an interval of 3 days) and he proceeded to do the ultra-sound scan ..........
He said he still cant see the bb's heartbeat at week 8 eventho the waterbag is still growing.

He told us most probably the foetues didnt develope.
He had advised me to do D&C on the following Monday but I told him I prefer Fri instead.
He also told me to stopped all medications - progesterone & oestrogen etc ....... which I take 2 times a day.

He asked if I want to do a lap test after the D&C, and I told him I'm not sure and ask what does he recommend.
He said since the 2nd m/c lap test result showed that it was chomosome issue (down syndrome) he reckon this should be the same and no test is required.

I'm amazed at how calm I was!
The reason why I postphone to Fri due to work commitment, I've to submit the various month end reports by Thurs, so from Fri onwards then I can "disappear" from office.

Hubby was upset that I delayed till Fri, maybe he's afraid that I may suffer from the cramps once I stopped the medication.

From Sat till Sun, I didnt take the homone supplement and I was feeling some cramps.
As I need to go to work on Mon till Thurs, I've decided to take the pills so that the cramp would stop - with the intake of progesterone, the body still "think" that I'm pregnant and will not try to expel the sac.
But I'll stop taking the pill from Thurs nite onwards ...........

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