Saturday, August 29, 2009

Surgery Day - 28 Aug 2009

Yesterday was my surgery day.

Wake up at 6am, boiled water to make myself red dates, gou chi, longang & dang sheng drink (put in thermal flask to put in car).
Send e-mail to boss to inform about the being sick and not able to go to work on Fri (I didnt inform in advance of the surgery) and set out-of-office notice.

Leave home at 7.25am as RY was delayed (wake up late and need to reply biz e-mails).

Arrived hospital at 8.05am and rush to the AMC clinic for a scan to confirm that bb is not developed & no heartbeat before I do my Day Surgery admission.

There was a ang moh lady ahead of me and I got Q no. 2 but as I've the scheduled scanning form, the clinic assistant send me for the scan instead.
She 1st did adominal scan and she told me the image is not clear so she told RY to leave the room and prepare me for a vagina scan.

She scanned for nearly 10 mins and she went to asked for a senior staff to confirm her observation.

In her report she said "no obvious yolk sac and fetal pole and heartbeat detected.  Fibroids of 4cm detected and the ovary is not clearly seen"
This is a depressing report.
However, I just went ahead to Day Surgery to register my admission.

I've finished my registration at 9am and went inside the surgery waiting area to change and get ready.

This time I ealised the Day Surgery has improved, every bed has a TV and I can even select HBO programme.
After changing into the surgery gown, I waited patiently for the doc to insert the needle for the drip.
It was about 9.15am.
At 9.30am, the cervagam table was inserted into the vagina - an indian female doc did it for me.
The purpose is to dilate the cervix so that the uterus will be easiy accessible when the doc perform the evac surgery.

After the insertion of the tablet, I was not allowed to go toilet for 2hrs.
At 11.30am, a nurse came to tell me that my dr was engaged in an emergency surgery and he can only come operate me at 13.50pm, I was shocked, usually by 12pm it should b done, but due to the delay, it means I've to remain hungry for 2 more hours.
I've no choice but to ask for a phone to call RY to inform him not to come to hospital in the early afternoon (initially we were told the surgery should be done & over by 1pm), instead come at about 3 or 4pm.

I waited till about 12.30pm then I requested to go toilet (stomach was cramping intermittenly but there was no bleeding).
Then at 1pm, a nurse suddenly cam eover to inform that Dr is able to operate on me and they quickly wheel me in my bed to the operating theatre (last time during Feb09 & Jul08, I remembered having to walk to the surgery theatre myself and sit on a chair waiting for my turn - there's improvement now).

But at the doorstep of the surgery theatre, I was told to walk inside and climb onto the surgery table.
We waited and tried calling for the Dr, but the feedback was he needed another 10 mins.
The nurse appologised to me saying that his 10 mins may be double.
In fact at 1.25mins then they received the call that doc is waking towards the op theatre now so the anaethesia quickly put me to sleep.
When the medication get into the vein in my hand, it's really painful, plus the stomach cramp, it was really unbearable.
I was also praying that everything is fine and bb will be resting well in heaven.
I remembered telling the nurse, I wanna end this pain soon .......... then I was knocked off ...........

I think I was awaken at about 1.45pm and the nurse told me the surgery was over, I said "thank you" and then cried for my baby ............. I tears rolled down from my eyes and the nurse wiped it away and asked my not to think about it anymore.

They told me to go back to sleep, but I cant sleep and merely close my eyes to rest.

At about 2.30pm, they sent me to the resting area to feed me milo and some biscuit.
I watched some HBO TV and at the same time checking on my medical leave.
Initially hospitalisation leave given was only 1 day to cover the Fri but I requested to rest for 1 week as I'm no sure if I'm ready emotionally to go to work on Monday.

Then the nurse informed that RY is already here and waiting to fetch me home, so they let me change and remove the needle from my hand.
I was told not to engage in any activities which may hurt myself for 2 weeks - for instanct no sex or exercise.
I hope RY is not too disappointed on the sex part ...............

We reached home at about 4.30pm.
RY was sweet, he actually came home earlier to boild black soup for me ..........
I rested tll about 5.30pm to take my bath and drank the black chix soup (shared half with RY as mum also made the same soup for me for dinner).

Went to mum's place for dinner at 7pm and back at 8pm.
I fell asleep at 9.30pm ............ missed my favourite HK serial on TCS8 ...........

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