Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it a Taboo to announce about pregancy during the 1st Trimester?

Last night I e-mailed my boss that I'm on 1 week medical leave and this morning he sms me to check how I am.
I hesitated but finally replied his msg that "I'd lost my baby and did a surgery last Fri.  Trying to recover from both physical and emotional pain".
I guess he understands how I feel and didnt send me any more message after that.

My boss knew about my pregnancy earlier as I was given long sick leave.
Initially I didnt want to tell anyone about my preg as it's a taboo to disclose within the 1st trimester.
No choice, since he's my boss, he has the right to know the reason of my long medical leave, so I've to tell.

My mum, sis and in-laws also knew about my pregnancy.
How they know?
RY had been asking my mum to boil black chix soup for 2 weeks (when I was spotting) and I also behave very careful so they suspected that I was preg but I didnt tell them the truth.
My mum & sis have been hinting about the dos and donts or preggy women to me .........

How about my in-laws?
We'd met up the in-laws in KL 4 weeks ago and that time I was spotting despite the progesterone jab done in SG the day before.
So out of fear, I asked RY to check with SIL/ BIL if they know any hospital which can administer progesterone jab to me.
Immediately they realised what is happening and my BIL and MIL/ FIL accompanied us to a hospital in KL.
The KL doc informed that since I already had a jab the day before, they cant give me another jab again - over dosage is no good.
My MIL consoled me and told me if its a unhealthy pregnancy, just let it go since its no point holding on to it.
She asked me how many weeeks I was preg, so I told her I was 6 weeks going into 7th.

So that's how everybody knows about my pregnancy.

I dont know how to inform them about my loss now ..........

My previous 2 pregnancy, RY and myself had kept it to ourselves but I also lost my babies at week 7 and 10 respectively.............
This time, with people knowing about my preg, I still lose it.

So conclusion being, it doesnt matter if tell or dont, since the outcome seem to be the same.
But it's easier to manage when its kept secret when there's any loss, as there's no need to explain anything to anyone.

Would I announce my next pregnancy during the 1st tri?
I guess I'll play by ear, and will not deny or keep it a secret deliberately.
I'm praying for a healthy and viable pregnancy, I'm still yawning to carry my baby in my arm ..........
Pls grant me my wish.

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