Sunday, June 6, 2010

Biz Trip is Tiring!

I was back from my biz trip last Thur night 9+pm and I was really exhausted!
The 4 days there were really intensive working and basically, only get to eat proper breakfast in hotel and dinner (group organised dinner).
Lunch was packed sandwich/ salad eating in the office.

I didnt sleep well in the hotel since I've problem in getting used to new bed in new environment.

Yesterday I was down with flu, sore throat, cough all attacked me.
I could've caught the flu bug during the biz trip.
So I popped in 2000mg of vit C to build up my body resistance to fight the virus attacking my immune system ..........

Today I'm feeling better and I think I should be able to get well either tomorrow or day after .........
maybe I should take sick leave tomorrow to let my body fully recuperate ........ let's see how it goes tomorrow, I may go to work instead ...........

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