Monday, January 11, 2010

Stressed over the Dec Cycle

When I went to the TCM yesterday morning, she kept asking me if I'm very stressed at work, and my immediate response is No, in fact I've been rather free due to the festive season.

By the way, my mens came after 12pm - some brown spotting and some light flow at night.
Today, my mens is still very light and I'll go for my blood test this afternoon.

Then I think over, I'm not stressed over work, but is stressed due to the blood test to in the Jan cycle - I was instructed by the clinic to do a CD2/ CD3 blood test to to check on my FSH & E2 level.
I'm worried as not sure if DHEA or the chinese herbs have affected my FSH reading - hoping that it gives me positive impact - I need low FSH reading for this test!

I think the anxiety over the test result must have triggered by early mens - from 27 days to 26 days.

Sometimes ignorance maybe a blessing, if you dont know much then you wont be worried about certain things.

I remembered when I did my lst IVF in March 2008, I was ignorant about the procedure and only did per instruction of the doc and nurse ......... at that time was pretty stress free and my blood test result was pretty ok.
Then the 2nd IVF cycle in Nov 2008, again it was a bliss since I didnt research much.

Come this 3rd IVF cycle in Feb 2010, I'm not sure if I'll be under any stress since I've read up quite alot and is worried about my aging body's performance.......  
Maybe I shouldn't ready too much about fertibility related and hopefully I can pull it thru like I did in 2008 .......

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