Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year!
I wish a Better year then last and hope that all of our dreams and wishes can come true (my dream of being a Mummy can materlise)!

Yesterday 1 Jan 2010, we started the day by bring mum to Guan Ying Temple in Bugis to pray then we went to Red Star for Dim Sum breakfast.

RY brought me to Beach Road for Bak Kuet Teh for lunch and then we went to Iluma and Bugis Junction to shop.
We also went to Orchard since RY wanted to go to Borders.
As it was 1st day of the year, Isetan had imported big Tuna fresh from Japan.
I'd bought some sushi and sashimi as our New Year dinner.
RY was upset that I've paid > SGD100/= on the fishes.
It was really tasty but we cant finish so we send some to mum for her to sample.

This morning, we brought mum to another Guan Ying Temple in River Valley - Ju Shi Ling.
We had intended to have our vegeterian breakfast there (FOC food is served in this temple daily), but as it was too early, the food is not prepared yet, so RY drove us to Hong Lim food centre.
Most of the stalls were not opened and we ended eating very lousy prawn noodles from this stall call Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodles.
It was lousy and cost us $4 per bowl.

Now we're home R&R and RY is ready news papaer while I'm updating my blog.

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