Sunday, January 17, 2010

Actual Blood Test Reading on 12 Jan'10

Yesterday I went to KKH to get my Microgynon prescription.
I was there at abut 12 noon and the crowd was gone.
The nurse who attended to me was Angeline so I asked her about my actual blood test reading on CD2 12 Jan.

I was really surprised that my FSH was 2.7 and E2 at 622.
          Pre-menopausal    Post-menopausal
FSH      1.35 - 17.06          2.42 - 147.95
E2            77 - 2382           < 37 - 103

This is a very good reading and I think my effort seems to have paid off.
I've done regular jogging, careful on my diet, take health supplements (DHEA, COQ10, Vit B etc), TCM (accu and herbs).

I've showed the test result to my TCM and she was very pleased but she think my E2 could be too high.
Anyway, she told me there's no major side effect of high E2 and told me not to be too worried.
She thinks I should be able to respond well to the puregon stimulation drug.

I'm looking forward to a smooth IVF process.

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