Saturday, January 9, 2010

Temp drop on CD23 (8 Jan, Fri)

I think is Dec cycle is a no hope for me since my body temp drop from 36.6'c on CD22 to 26.3'c on CD23 and today CD24, my temp is 36.2'c.

Yesterday upon detection of the low temp I was hoping its a "one-off" incident and is hopeful for a high temp today.
Too bad it just remain low today and it seems like its a no hope to be preggy this time ......... looks like my mens will report on Tue since it'll be CD27.

I'm very sad ...........

On the Jan cycle CD 2/ 3, I'll be going to the hospital to do blood test to measure my FSH & E2 level to prepare for the Feb IVF treatment.

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