Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Health Supplement that I'm taking now

Just a summary of what health supplements I've been taking.

Cordycept pills (2 tabs in the morning empty stomach) for about 2 months.

After my morning shower (about 45mins interval), DHEA 2 x 25mg (about 2 months)
Take breakfast, then take 1 tab of COQ10 (50mg - about 2 weeks) + 2 tabs of Fish Oil

Reach office and settle down then take my TCM chinese herbs

After lunch, take 2 tabs each of  Brands schisandra and chicken essence, 1 tab each of Vit B complex, folic acid & eye bright.
Vit C 500mg during tea time

Evening before dinner, take another tab of DHEA (25mg)

After dinner, rest for an hour then take the TCM chinese herbs. 

Do you think I'm taking alot of supplements?
I hope I've managed to space out the supplements.
I really wish that the above can help boast my fertility well being.

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