Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dec'09 Cycle

I'm quite hopeful to get pregnant this month since my fertile period falls during the festive season (X'mas and New Year) and RY was in mood to try.

Come next Tue 12 Jan, I'll know if I'll be preg since it'll be CD27 .........

Yesterday Monday was the 1st day of school for most of SG education instituions and it was raining heavily in the morning.

I was thinking the rain could have inconvenient many kids as they may get wet (just like siew mun zai).
I was thinking if there is this day that I'm seeing my kid to school, I'll let him/ her wear slipper & t-shirts/ shorts and bring his school uniform and shoes as well as towel to school to let him change once he reach school ...........
Then the child will not be wet or catch cold.

God, pls help me and let me be pregnant!
I'll be a good mother to my children.

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