Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why RY Raised his voice over the socks and TV?

Before we left for Ipoh last week, I've done some laundry and hang RY's washed socks on the hanger which I also hung my jeans to dry.

I've placed it nearer to the window knowing that RY doesnt like his socks to be trapped amongst the pile of clothes for dry.
Since I know we'll only keep the clothes after a week when we come back from Ipoh trip, I thought it should be ok.

2 days ago when RY kept the clothes, he saw his socks hung in the hangar together with my jeans, he was so furious and he shouted at me.

I was very upset, why he get so angry over a pair of socks ........

Yesterday, TCS 5 showed old MJ concert and we watched for awhile (after our Toro sashimi dinner).
But we both went to have our bath and off the TV (I used the bathroom in the bedroom while RY used the one in living room).
As I finished my bath earlier then RY, I went to turn on the TV to watch TCS 8 and RY upon hearing that the TV is on, he asked me to turn to TCS 5.
I told him, I'll let him have the TV once he's done with his bath and come to living room, which I did.

Once he came to the living room, he shouted at me for being inconsiderate since he wanted to "listen" to MJ's songs.
I told him, I went for my bath 10 mins earlier then him and he could have kept the TV on and no when I've finished my bath and turned it on then he quickly aksed for his MJ's channel.

He got so angry that he went to his study room and slam the door shut.

I'm really hurt, how could he get so upset and raised his voice at me over a pair or socks and a TV programme?
Are they more important then me?

Sometime, it make me wonder if we should stay married ..............
If I'm being inconsiderate

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