Saturday, January 2, 2010

Anti-aging Supplements

I forgot to update that I've bought the DHEA on line from iHerb and only cost me about SGD45/= for 4 bottles of 21st Century brand @ 90 tabs per bottle.

I've been taking 3 tabs for about a month and realise that my skin is getting oilier now.
I got zips on my chin and lips areas and my hair get really oily after 12 hours of washing.

Last week I also started this COQ10 supplement from Blackmore - 1 tab in the morning.
I've paid SGD88.50 for 2 bottles and there's 60 tabs per bottle.
COQ10 is supposed to help in heart functioning and cell repair.
I checked that Blackmore Conceive Well Gold supplement has this COQ10 60mg in it, so i guess it should be important in fertility enhancement.

I'm hoping that by taking such anti-aging supplements, I can improve my fertility.

In 2 weeks time, I'll be doing FSH blood test and not sure if it'll show good level.
Pls wish me good luck!

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