Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Husband should be Participative in the IVF Journey

This morning RY went off to Penang for a 3 days biz trip and will be back on coming Fri.

So it means I'm alone now at home surfing internet while waiting for the laundry to be ready (just put them in the washing machine).

Actually RY should be going on this trip next Wed to Fri but because I need to do my baseline scan next Wed and possibily doing the 1st puregon jab on Fri, which means I gotta go to the hospital twice, so I requested for RY to shift his travel dates.

Although this is my 3rd IVF fresh cycle, I still hope that RY can be with me during those critical day of blood test, scanning etc, this make me feel that he's participative in this IVF journey.

I think its very important for both husband & wife to be involved in the fertility journey and not let wife feel that she's doing this by herself.

During IVF, the wife is the one who suffer physical pain (blood test, jabbing etc) and emotional pain (she's worried about the progress and body response to the medication etc), so the husband should be supportive to show the wife that he cares ...........

So before you embark on this IVF treatment, pls have a serious discussion with your husband to get a mutual understanding of each others' expectation on the roles & responsibility and set the an appropriate standard.
This is to avoid any subsequent disappointments on the husband's less participative involvement. 

Its important to stay calm, relax and cheerful during IVF, so wife should try to voice out her concern to husband so that he knows how he can help.

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