Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tomorrow is 1st Day of Lucrin Jab

Tomorrow I'll wake up early at 6.30am to get ready for my jab.
Usually I'll wake up at 6.45am during weekday but tomorrow, I must try to get myself up 15 mins earlier.

I also went to get Blackmores Conceive Well Gold to commencemence the daily consumption tomorrow too .......
So it means I'll discard the existing health supplements to just take the TCM hearbs, Conceive Well, DHEA and the Cordycepts pill.

I plan to take the supplemets in the following order:

Cordycepts and the Kidney pills = 2 each :  Early morning before food
DHEA = 1 pill :  After shower
Blackmores Conceive Well = 1 tab + 1 cap each :  After breakfast
TCM herbs = 2 packs :  Reach office settle down
Brands Chix Essence & Schisandra/ Sesamin = 2 tabs each :  After lunch
DHEA = 1 pill :  Just before I leave office at about 5pm
TCM hearbs = 2 packs :  After dinner
BCP = 1 pill :  Before bed

Note:  Need to check with TCM if I can continue to take the Schisandra/ Sesamin tabs this Sun ..........

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  1. Update from TCM on Schisandra/ Seasamin tabs:
    This can be continued during IVF since the main benefits of Schisandra is to facilitate sleep, and its critical to have good rest during this period so no harm taking.