Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tomorrow Baseline Blood Test and Scanning - Lucrin Day 15

Tomorrow 17 Mar (Wed) morning, I'll be going to KKH to do BT to check on my E2 level and also scan no. of existing follicles and the doc shall confirm if I can move on to stage 2 to do puregon jab ..........

Somehow I think I'm rather worried about the test result.
I hope the test result is good and can move on .........

I shall update tomorrow after my test result is out.


  1. My test is next Tuesday and I hope its good too. Really looking foward to moving on but apprehensive about Puregon/Gonal-F. Hope it's not more painful, troublesome, or give me side effects. I thought Lucrin was hard but its terribly easy, and i havent had side effects too..

    Praying hard!

  2. Hi Ally
    Yes, Lucrin is not painful compared GF and GF is not as bad as Puregon.
    GF/ Puregon is painful when you "push" the content into the skin.
    Puregon is more painful then GF cos need to twist the dial & "re-jab" since the max pen dosage is lower compared to GF (if require higher dosage).
    But for the sake of conceiving our own baby its worth every jabs ......