Monday, March 8, 2010

Last Day of BCP!

Today is the 21st day = last day of the BCP pill!!

To be frank I've been suffering for the past 20 days due to the side effect of BCP.
The side effect is mainly hot flashes which make me break into sweats out of sudden and the next moment I'll be frozen as my temp suddenly went down.
This is very disturbing in the middle of the night.
When the hot flash attacks, I'll kick away the blanket but once its gone, I'll search for the blanket frantically .........

I'm just glad that today being the last day of the pill and I hope I wont have any hot flushes after tonight ..........

Do you've the same side effect when you're on BCP?


  1. Hi there I happened to chance upon your blog while surfing for side effects of lucrin. I just started lucrin injections myself at kkh. Am kinda stressed but trying to think happy thoughts. I feel sad you haven yet conceived but I'm sure it'd happen one day.

    I'm actually doing ivf cos of male factor. Not sure If there's anything really wrong with me since most tests were fine.

    What's a BCP pill btw? I'm not on any, just the lucrin jabs. My test is next Tuesday. :)

  2. Hey Ally
    I wish you all the best in your IVF fresh cycle!
    Fertility is a mystery ....... there're people who conceive naturally by doing nothing except ML ..... there're some who tried all means (like me) and still waiting for the miracle to happen .......
    I know I gotta be paitent & cant rush if God thinks it's not the right timing yet.....but I know I'll get there soon .......
    BCP = Birth Control Pill.