Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back from KL!

I was back from KL yesterday!

We presented the gifts to MIL, PIL, SIL, BIL and kids on Sat and they liked them very much.
PIL, MIL, SIL and husband, as well as BIL each got a Polo Ralph Lauren polo t-shirt.
MIL also got a coach handbag, which she liked it very much.
The kids got a hairband each.
We've also bought almond, pistachio, chocolates and other healthy snacks for them.

As predicted in my previous post, we were "trapped" in the house and only managed to do an hr shopping in mid valley on Sunday .........
Oh my friends were not able to meet me up as they were outstationed, one in NZ and the other in London .........

As we'd opted to stay with RY's younger brother, every night after dinner, we'd take a 25 mins drive from SIL's house to sleep in his place and the next morning, we'd drive back to SIL's place to meet PIL.

So what did we eat in KL?
On Sat we arrived KL at about 11am, we had Ampang Yong Tau Foo for lunch and at night we just had zhu chao in the restaurant nearby.
On Sunday, we just had hawker food for breakfast and lunch was at Unique seafood restaurant, where we celebrated FIL's 67th birthday and at night BIL tah pau fish head mee hoon (with clay fish) for dinner.
The next morning, we drove off for SG early morning at 7am and arrived home at about 11am.

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