Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A year ago ...... I lost my baby ........

We celebrated FIL's birthday last Sun in KL and MIL told me about similar celebration we did last year in KL Shangrila hotel last year.
As I cant recall the celebration, MIL reminded that last year the same time, I was bleeding and they'd to send me to a hospital in KL to see a gynae.

It just strucked me that it was exactly a year ago, I'd been thru the ordeal of my great loss ..............

Very sad ....... very very sad ........ to recall the m/c ...........

Pls God, kindly grant me my wish to get preggy and deliver my beloved child successfully ...........
I wanna be Mummy!
I believe I can be a good Mother!!


  1. Hi girl,
    I lost my baby too on the 9th week, it was an empty sac, so I never knew if there was really a baby. Must have been hard on you the past year. Take care, you will be a mummy soon! :p

  2. Hi Tai Tai

    Thanks for your encouraging words!
    Yes, I'm still positive about being a mummy and is patiently waiting for the arrival of my bundle of joy!!