Monday, August 23, 2010

Penny Wise but Pound Foolish!

Remember I was sharing that I bought my health supplement from iherbs and I also reminded that GST will be levied for purchase > SGD400?

I just placed an order for my regular health supplements and was greedy to include the high value items to enjoy greater discount but really careful to keep the convertd cost within SGD400.

This afternoon when DHL delivered the parcel to my mum's place, they wanted to collect $39 for GST.
Mum called me and I clarified with DHL that the SG Custom has levied the charge based on their exchange rate.
I've merely exceeded the purchase cost by SGD11 and gotta pay GST on the whole purchase price.

This is a classic example of being penny wise but pound foolish.
If I didnt select high value items to try to enjoy the greater discount, I wouldn't have to pay the extra $39 bucks .........

Fortunately, this boo boo is not too costly to incur and I've certainly learn a lesson from it!

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