Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucky Girl!

No, not me, I mean Gigi Lai.

I saw the news about her delivery of a pair of twin girls and her rich hubby is giving her a yatch as gift!


I also want a rich husband so that I need not worry about no income when I stop work ........ dont think I can turn back the clock now since I've chosen RY as my life companion.

Single source of income is my biggest worry if I were to stop work.
Should we go ahead to commit in a new property, the housing loan servicing could be a big burden.

What if I quite without a job, end up not working for long time and get used to the lazy life style and decided not to work anymore.......... and what if RY doesnt love me anymore & decided to find a SYT (Sweet Young Thing) to give him a baby ......... what if ............. 

Am I too paranoid???

I know RY does love me and I believe he is true to me now but how about 5 or 10 years later when I gradually age and lost my youth & beauty, will he still love me?

I aways think that it's very important for a women to be financially independent.

I'll try my luck in lottery and hopefully I strike it big then I need not worry about $$$ ........... and I can quit in peace ...........

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