Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Malaysia Chinese School in KL

SIL & her husband have sent their 6 yr old daughter to a private chinese school in KL.
I didnt realise how tough their standard 1 is until I tuition my niece during the last KL trip since it's exam time now.
She has to sit for 7 papers - English language, Chinese language, Bahasa Malayu, Maths in English, Maths in  Chinese, Science in English and Science in Chinese.

The Chinese words are quite difficult for a 6 years old and I really pity the young girl as she has to learn so many words in order to understand the qn and answer.

I think for the next 10 years, she'll not have any childhood nor "teenagehood" since most of her free time will be spent in books mugging or attending tuitions.

I think the parents now are very kiah su so they send their kids to do lots of classess & cultivate interests and talents so that they've an advantage over the rest of the kids.

I'm not sure if I'll do the same like the kiah su parents to make my children attend multiple classess since it's too early to tell now since I've no baby yet............ 

Note: Kiah Su is hokkien word which means "afraid to lose".

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