Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Hurt your Own Child?

This headline "Teen confronts rapist father" caught my eyes!
Dad preyed on her at night

The teenager said her father preyed on her mostly at night when the mother was working the night shift as a clinic assistant. He would enter the room where the three children were sleeping in and asked her to follow him into the living room where he raped her.
The sexual abuse came to light in April last year when the girl went back to the flat to collect some of her belongings and he is believed to have tried to unbutton her school uniform in an attempt to have sex with her. He did not succeed and later, she told her mother what happened at the flat and over the years.
The father, who has no lawyer, said he did not wish to cross-examine his daughter

This is really sad since a father actually hurt his own flesh & blood ........
How could one bring himself to do harm to his own child, he had repeatedly committ the crime for > 10 years?

He could've gone to Geylang for paid sexual service, yet he chose FOC sex by raping his own daughter!

This is an unforgiveable sin & crime and heavy penalty should be levied on this beast!
We've yet to hear the verdict.
A death sentence would be too lenient, in my opinion, he should be custrated, whipped >100 times and be put in prison for > 20 years.

Did he realise what kind of harm he has inflicted on his own child?
She trusted her daddy to love and care for her, yet he forced himself onto her!

The victim's mother must be very heart broken to know that her child was being violated by her hubby, the father of her kids ........ who turn out to be a terrible beast!

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