Sunday, August 1, 2010

Heading to KL this coming weekend!

Usually when there's a long weekend, RY would take the opportunity to drive to either Ipoh or KL.

This National Day weekend, we'll go to KL since his parents are staying with the younger sister.

RY's younger sis has 3 daughters - 7, 5 & 2 years old.
As the maid had just been sent back to Indonesia, she sorted help from MIL to help her with the chores and child caring.

Most probably we'll stay in a hotel in town since I dont like the idea of been trapped in the house the whole day .........then I might as well stay in SG!
I'd prefer to just visit them and meet for lunch or dinner .........
I hope RY agrees to my suggestion to stay in a hotel.

I enjoy shopping in KL since there's always something awaiting to be discovered.

I got 2 paris of cult brand jeans ("7 for all mankind" and "True Religion") at RM50 each.
No, they're not copies since they were bought in a well established shopping mall.
They were intially priced at RM600 but was not selling well, then months later, they were priced at RM200 then subsequently later at RM50 .........

We can get branded stuff at a fraction of the original price as long as we're patient and not fussy for the latest fashion/ design.

I must say the food in KL is also fantastic.

My BIL is in F&B biz so he'll usually bring us to nice restaurant (not necessary expensive) for good food.
Oh we usually take turn to pay for the dinner so we're not the "free rider"!

I wonder where he'll bring us this time?

This trip will be a gift distributing trip since we've bought gifts from USA for them.
I hope they like the Ralph Lauren t-shirts, Coach bag & some healthy snacks from USA.

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