Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Doggie Friend

Yesterday morning I did my usual morning brisk walking.
As I passed by the landed estate, I saw this yellow Labrador Retriever obediently sitting next to the "owner" while the "owner" chatted with a friend.
In this instance, the "owner" is a domestic maid who does the dog walking duty on behalf of the real owner.

Being a animal lover, I went forward to pat the Labs with no hesitation but I was careful to 1st ascertain that this is a friendly dog before I go near him.
This is a big mature Labs but a friendly one.

The "owner" told me that the Lab's name is "Butter Cup" and is about 10 years old.
This Labs is indeed "buttery" since its a full grown male with great body mass and the pinky nose also sort of give way to it's age.

Do you know that yellow Labs are born with black nose and gradually turn pink as they age?

This morning, I saw Buttercup at the same vincinty and I wave to them to say "hello" from far.

I love dogs but prefer big dogs more then the small ones and should I be given an opportunity to keep one again (I'd a dog 7 years ago that we put to sleep due to old age and illness and she was 15 years old when we put her down), I hope it'd be a Labrador or breed of similar size .........

I'll share more on my ex-dog, her name is Popo ........... till now I still dream about her and misses her dearly ..........
I'd never regret adopted her ........ she was a fine dog who has seen me thru from childhood to adulthood ............ 15 years ..........
Oh, did I also inform that I also used to have cats - Meowly and Lily, a siamese and a persian chincilla?

I'll write about them in the next blog.
I miss all my pets dearly .........

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