Sunday, July 4, 2010


I've serious break-out and the zips are along my chin ........ it's so unsightly!
I'm going to San Franc looking so horrible!!

I went to do facial yesterday and my beautician commented that I must be very stressed up recently and she tsaid I've digestion issue since there're many zips along my chin.
I told her she was right as I've been stressed up by work due to the pushing back of the back office function to me and I've gastric pain for about 1 month already.

The sign of indigestion is shown on my face and I hope it can be cured asap in view of the San Franc trip this coming Thursday ........

I know I should try to calm myself down and not worry so much.
But this is difficult since colleagues from the Manila back office is leaving one after another and the recruitment is not able to catch up with the brain drain ..........

I think I need to make a decision fast whether to leave this current job or endure due to the high salary & big corner office.
But I cant lead a life full of fear and stress!
So I gotta think carefully ...........

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