Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happiness can be really Simple

This morning, RY brought me to the nature park for a walk in the rain and then we proceed to pick-up mum & sis to Telok Blangah for the famous Lor Mee for breakfast.

Then we brought mum to the temple near in Telok Blangah - 东狱大帝庙. It's located in Bukit Purmei (Near telok blangah). The main god is 东狱大帝.

We've been visiting this temple since I was little, cant remember the exact age.

While driving off from the temple, we saw the sign that says "Mt Faber" and RY decided to drive thru since it has been so long since we last visited Mt Faber (for me is about 10 years) ......

We stopped by a scenic spot over looking the sea and the new construction works.

We were all so happy when we got home!

Happiness can be really simple and you dont need costly meals or go to expensvie places .........
Just to be able to spend time with the loved ones is the BEST experience!

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