Monday, July 26, 2010

House Hunting

Yep, we're doing house hunting now and I know it's not a wise thing to buy any property now but RY is in the mood to house hunt.

Yesterday, we saw a small landed property in Thomson and was rather tempted to commit.
The owner - a couple with 2 kids, are expecting another baby so they've decided to move to a bigger house.
They also have a pair of Siberian Husky and Chinchila.

The house is cosy and nice.
It gives a nice feeling with children and doggies running around.

I know RY is very keen to make the offer and I'm the stumbling block since I didnt agree with the purchase.
I may be out-of-job soon (I'm contemplating to leave my current job) and single source income is dangerous to support a $1+++M property committment.

RY wants to fulfil my dream of keeping a big dog in our house but our current apartment is too small to have such a big dog.

I've a feling that we may buy that house ..........

The thought of the loan committment freak me out ..........

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