Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mid-cycle Bleeding Again!

This is my 2nd mid-cycle bleeding ....... the spotting started yesterday and today there's still light flow .........
Oh my mens came on 9 July so today is CD17.

I'm not sure what's wrong but could be due to the trip to USA which may've stressed by body!

I've done some reseach on mid-cycle bleeding and found this quite clear in the explanations.

Spotting or bleeding is very common among menstruating women; almost all women report of a spotting incident during some point in their cycle. Bleeding or spotting could occur just after the full bleeding period or just before a full bleeding period is expected, or in between the cycle. Many a time's bleeding or spotting in between cycles is considered as a normal phenomenon. But it could also be an important indication to some major or small problem with the uterus. Check out the ramifications of mid cycle bleeding. What is mid cycle spotting ?

What is mid cycle bleeding?
Mid cycle bleeding can be defined as bleeding from the cervix, perineum or vagina that is severe and occurring between anticipated periods. It is also referred to as acute bleeding, bleeding between periods, intermenstrual bleeding or vaginal bleeding between periods.

Mid cycle bleeding usually happens 10-16 days after the last menstruation period. The bleeding is usually very little and can last from 12 to 72 hours. If the bleeding is heavy during this time, you must contact your physician for more information on the same.

Mid cycle bleeding happens in almost 30% of the women and is thought of as normal. A sudden increase and fall in the estrogen level during the ovulation period weakens the endometrium thus causing the bleeding. This is considered normal and the patients are usually given estrogen supplements. The most common cause for mid cycle bleeding in a healthy woman is attributed to the change in estrogen levels in the body. Mid cycle bleeding can also occur in women who have some other problems and in such cases the bleeding is a little too heavy when compared. There are two types of mid cycle bleeding:

Intermenstrual bleeding: Bleeding between two periods.

Metrorrhagia: Irregular bleeding that does not follow a pattern, heavy bleeding is termed as menorrhagia and heavy bleeding during this phase is termed as menometrorrhagia.

Possible causes for mid cycle bleeding
- Hormonal changes in the body
- Low thyroid levels in the body
- Miscarriage
- Intra uterine devices (IUD)
- Starting or stopping oral contraceptives
- Starting or stopping estrogen supplements
- GYN procedures like cervical cauterization or CONE biopsy
- Few types of drugs
- Vaginal infection or injury to the vagina
- Stress

Women experiencing mid cycle bleeding are advised to rest during this period. If some other major problem is causing the bleeding then the physician advices on an appropriate treatment.

Mid cycle spotting?
A small quantity of blood that is passed and is adequate enough to spot your toilet tissue is referred to as spotting. A very small amount of blood is passed out through the vagina, this blood spot can be seen only if the vagina is wiped with a piece of tissue. This spotting does not stain the panty and the mucus is usually pinkish, rusty brown or bright red in color.

Mid cycle spotting occurs ten to fourteen days prior to the commencement of the next cycle and is considered to be normal. Mid cycle spotting is considered to occur during ovulation period and is a normal phenomenon, it is in fact considered as a potential fertility indication. As mid cycle spotting occurs right during the ovulation period it helps in calculating the peak period of fertility. Ovulatory spotting as mid cycle spotting is called helps in determining the exact ovulation period in a woman and in turn helps planning pregnancy.

Possible causes for mid cycle spotting
- When the egg bursts through the follicle bleeding occurs and this blood shows up as spotting.
- During ovulation period, the estrogen level in the body rises and thus forces the uterus to shed a lining which shows up as spotting.
- Certain medications affect menstrual cycles and cause mid cycle spotting.
- Vaginal or cervical infection.
- Any intra uterine devices (IUD) can cause mid cycle spotting.
- Low thyroid functions.
- Severe health problems such as cancer can lead to this condition.
- Birth control pills.
- Uterine fibroids or polyps can also cause mid cycle spotting.

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