Thursday, July 15, 2010

What've I been doing in San Franc for the past few days? (Part 2)

Day 7: 14 July - Civic Center, Golden Gate Park & Shopping

This morning I took a stroll to Civic Centre and City Hall.
I happened to walk to the local Pasar Malam in Civic Centre area.
It was interesting as there were fresh products (flowers, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, vegs, seafood & live chicken etc) on sale by the road side.

Yes, "live chickens" were on sale at the open air market which according to a "animal activist" (I guess he's from PETA), it is illegal in San Franc since the chickens were not housed in a proper cage (to ensure faces not contaminate the live stock) and water not given etc.

I've spent quite some time outside/inside the City Hall admiring the structure of this old building.

Next I took MUNI 6 to Haight street to get to Buena Vista Park and then took a stroll along Haight street to enjoy the "liberal" feel of the city.

I just kept walking towards Golden Gate Park to enjoy the fresh air and greens in the park.
Had my picnic lunch at the Flower Conservatory then walk to Japanese Garden.

After the nature appreciation, I took MUNI 5 to Market St to q up for the Cable Car ride to Fisherman Wharf.
Then took the cable car back in the reverse direction to Market St.

RY's colleague had given him a shopping list to complete (baby anti-diaper rash cream & American brand of toiletries which we cant get in SG etc.
So I did some shopping in Walgreens.

To continue.

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