Sunday, July 18, 2010

What've I been doing in San Franc for the past few days? (Part 3 - End)

Day 8: 15 July Thurs - Presidio, Pacific Height, SFMOMA & Shopping in Macy's

I've decided to take it really easy on Thursday and do what I feel like doing.
So I took MUNI 30 to Lyon St to Museum of Fine Arts and then take a walk of the Presidio Park (the portion near to Lombard St).

Then took a stroll at Cow Hollow & Union St.

After a short walk around the vincity of Cow Hollow, I got on MUNI 45 to SFMOMA (San Fran Museum of Modern Arts).
I saw some renow paintings.
There was a FOC open air concert near to SFMOMA.
The atmosphere was nice and comfy .......

After all the arts admirations, I went to Macy's to help a friend to get her Coach bag which was not available in Gilroy.

I've selected few items for myself and when I was about to make payment, the sales staff informed that there would be a special One Day Sale in Macy's the next day - Friday, so she suggested that I reserved the items and come back the next day to pay for them.

I got back to hotel at about 9pm to pack the luggage as we gotta check out on Friday night to catch Sat 1am flight back to SG.

The packing was tiring and only complete at 12 mid-night.

Day 9: 16 July Fri - Winery Tour, Santa Cruise & Shopping in Macy's

RY's boss was kind enough to invite me to tag along with them to their team building activity - Winery Tour and Santa Cruise.

The drive to the winery venue was 2 hours and we did some team building games there and had lunch there too.

After the team building, we proceeded to Santa Cruise for some Roller Coster rides and walk along the beach.

We managed to get back to SF before 7pm.

So we quickly rushed to do last min shopping in Macy's to pick up the reserved items.
I also picked up additional bag, so we only get to eat dinner at 8.30pm.
By the time we got back to hotel was 9.15pm and we quickly shower and pack-up to check-out from the hotel by 10.30pm.

Day 10: 17 July Sat - Plane

On the plane on our way flying home.

Day 11: 18 July Sun - Home Sweet Home

Well we arrived SG about 11.45am today and we reached home about 1.30pm.
I unpacked my luggage and RY did partial laundry and he's zzzz now\, while I'm sitting in the living home typing this blog.
I'm avoiding the nap now so that I can sleep better tonight to recover from the jet lag as tomorrow is a working day!

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