Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stress over Work?

I think I must be stressed since I've gastric pain for almost a month.

The stress is not from TTC since I've already decided to take a break from it and not force things.

The stress must be work related.

My company had outsourced the back office function to our Manila office and many staff were retrenched in 2009 during the economy downturn.
In fact the the Manila shared service office was set up many years ago to prepare for the "mass retrenchment".

All I can say is that the shared service was not ready and the move to Manila was too hasty.
The structure was badly set up and has made the fellow Manila colleagues endured terrible long hours, which subsequently lead to high staff turnover.
The previous HOD of the Manila office was an Australian guy and he had tried his best to keep things going despite the limitations.  Despite the limited resources he had (due to high staff turnover), he still tried to ensure the tasks & responsibilities transferred to the back office being completed and not affect the operation units (like the one I'm working).

Sad to say that he gave up about 9 months ago and a replacement of India nationality was found. (note:  this is not a racist post, I'm just putting down facts).
The new guy is very different from his predecessor since his approach is to push all work that the shared service centre cant handle (due to lack of staff) to operation units which already have nobody in the office to perform the back office funtion.

I'm very stressed!
I'm the so called HOD of the the already defunct back office function, so I faced a lot of pressure from the Indian colleague for trying his luck to push all the work back to ME who has Zero staff in my dept.

From what we (fellow operation units colleagues who are in the same position as me), this Indian colleagues is very busy but he's just busy trying to think of ways to push work back to operation units so that he get less things to manage.

The operation units pay monthly management fee for the use of the shared service centre but we're not getting the value .......... we were forced to retrench our staff since we were told all back office functions to be carried out by the shared service in Manila.
But now they want to push the function back here with no headcount given to us ........

Time to think of getting another job!!

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