Saturday, July 3, 2010

Excuse me, there're Kar Zar in the Dim Sum!

Today was the death anniversary of my granny.
So this morning we brought mum and sis & family to the River Valley temple to pray to the late granny and later went to our favouraite restaurant for dim sum breakfast.

This restaurant has been around for about 50 years and mention its name to local Singaporean, they'll know since its a famous dim sum place.

Sad to say that we found 2 baby kar zar stuck to the char siew bun skin.
(Cockroach in cantonese is kar zar).

Apparently it got steamed & cooked with the bun and stuck onto it.

The restaurant tried to appease us by giving us 2 plates of egg tart FOC and didnt charge the tea cover for 6 paxs.

Well, we didnt wanna cause a big hoo ha and just leave after our meal .......

If we really lodge a complain, I think the restauran willl be punished by MOE and the worker may be jobless & loss of income for a few months.

Just hope that they buck up on their hygiene!

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