Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Down with Flu

I was feeling sick since Sat and was hoping that the Vit C 2000mg, drinking plenty of water, liang teh (herbal tea) during the wekend can save me from the agony ..........

My throat was still sored and coughing during the night had disturbed my sleep, so yesterday morning (Monday), I finally raised the "white flag" and admit being defeated by the potent virus, and visited my GP for some effective mdication.

The GP advised that the flu bugs have incubation period of 3 days before th symtom sufaced and I think I should've caught it on the plane last Thurs on my way back home.
Som irresponsible sick person had borded the plane and spread th virus to all passengers on th same flight.
I've rejected anti-biotics as I believe in naturally healing without th harmful drugs which may affect my health in the long run.
But I was given some anti-flamation tabs to subside the sore in my throat, running nose pills, as well as cough mixture.

Doc think that I need more rest and gave me 2 days of sick leave (Monday & Tuesday).
(Note:  In SG, we need Doc certification to take paid sick leave and unlike other countries, employees can just call in office to report sick leave without going to a doc)

After taking the mdication and rested in the morning, I felt better and went to get my lunch in the late afternoon - Yong Tau Foo from a near-by foodcourt, since RY was not able to make it home to pack lunch for me.

This morning I felt better and was dressed up ready to go to work, but on 2nd thought, I decided not to since I'm still having slight cough and dont think my colleagus would like to see me at work for fear of spreading the virus to them.  Need to be a responsible being!

That's why here I am now tying this blog post ............

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