Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Leg Kicking

I was brisk walking this evening and as I was passing by the small park near my place, I saw a group of young boys (about 6 to 9 years old) playing soccer in the field and the ball accidentally flew over to my path.

Instead of the boys comming towards me to get the ball, I raised up my feet and kick it back to them.

This incident reminded me of my year 1 University days ......... we'd an inter-tutorial class soccer games.
It was a mixed team with min no. of girls in each team, the organiser set this strict rule to ensure boy-girl interactions (we've even no. of girls & guys in class but only a handful of girls are sporting enough to participate).
I was one of the few girls who participated.
I cant remember if my class win or lose but I remembered vividly that I was running after a ball cluelessly ......... but it was fun since it was a team effort and I get to know my classmate better after the game.

Very memorabe .............

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