Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TCS 8 Drama : Precious Babies

I'm a TV addict since it's my favouraite pass time at home besides zzzzz.

RY had given me a nick name - Queen of TV!
RY had been influenced by his mum since young so he hardly watch TV.
MIL said watching TV is a waste of time ......... but I'd like to beg to differ, sometime it's good to waste time doing something relaxing and enjoyable to let your mind at rest!

TC8 weekday 9pm is showing this Drama - Precious Babies. and I quite enjoy watching it since the baby girl (Xuan Xuan) featured in it is very adorable.

The story line is quite simple and pretty realistic (except the ending when the childless Hui Xian got prggy out-of-sudden).
Its about 3 good friends - Katie is married with a baby girl, Hui Xian is married many years but childless and Zhi Qing is a single & career minded lady; how they balance work, family & social lives committment. 

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