Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have you heard of Yamano Doronko?

When I was rather young, I've heard of this Yamano Doronko advertisement on the radio and didnt understand what was it about, until recently when there was a newspaper write-up about a Yamano beauty salon opened in Orchard Central:

I chanced upon the Yamano product while I was casually shopping and there was a product promotion by the cosmetic chain - Beauty Language.
I bought the Medical World Doronko Clay @ SGD87.50 for deep cleansing since I tend to get clogged pores easily, shower treatment for SGD87.50 and start-up kit for SGD150 which consists of make-up cleaner, facial cleanser, moisturiser and white clay for hydration.
With the purchase of every SGD150, I get to buy the clay shampoo at 50% discount which was SGD99 for 1000ml container.  So I bought 2 at SGD44.50 each and a clay hair pack at SGD31.50 after 50% discount.

I also get Oragnic shampoo (other salon brand) for RY and some Korean eye masks for myself.

The pocket damage was SGD541 for the above products ............

I feel kinda of "heatache" with the damage done but in the name of beauty, it's worth it!
This show how easy it is to earn Women's cash!

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