Monday, June 14, 2010

Mens came on CD26 13 June Sunday

Mens came on CD25/ 26 on 13 June Sunday.
I put CD25/ 26 since spotting started at about 10am but flow commenced about 6pm ......... so usually gynae will take 12 noon as a cut off to determine the 1st day of AF.

I was feeling very tired & crampy since last Fri and true enough mens came on Sunday.

Frankly speaking, I was rather disappointed since it means I didnt fall preggy, but on the other hand, I "complimented" my ovaries for the good job done since the arrival of AF means they've managed to produce follicles and ovulated normally .........
I should be positive and look forward to a new beginning ..........  

I'll try to relax my body & mind!

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