Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taking a Break from TTC

I'm taking a break from TTC so that's why you dont see me post anything regarding fertility related topic.

I'm busy with my San Fran trip preparation and also concentrating to get my wounds heal ..........
Anyway, the wounds are too painful to make me wanna get intimat with RY.

After a week from the bad fall, the wounds are still rather raw but I can see its healing ....... it may take another week for it to heal completely (I hope), I dont want to go USA with such painful and ugly wounds on my arms.
But glad to inform that the chipped lips is almost 90% healed and the one on my left knee is drying up now.
Those on the arms are still pretty raw ........

Today when I was at the TCM, she was amazed to see my rather bad raw wounds and even suggested the posture that I should get into for her acupuncture session.

After this fall, I realised that most of the time, we simply take things for granted, it's only when you lost it then you realised the importance.
With the injured arms, I find it difficult to do simple movement like flipping my body around in bed and slinging my handbag on my shoulder.  I also need to be extra careful when I move around crowded street for fear of the passer-by knocking into me or brush over my arms.
I must appreciate my healthy body better now and not to take it for granted!

Indeed Health is Wealth!

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