Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Favourite Nephew

Yep, I've a favourite nephew and we call him Siew Mun Zai (transated from cantonese and it means Son of Brother Mun - my BIL's name is Mun so his son is called siew mun zai hor).

Siew Mun Zai (SMZ) is 8 years old this year and he's such a great kid that I wish I've son like him.
His playful but still respectful of the elders instruction and filia to help out with some simple housework.

My BIL stays and works in HK while my sis and SMZ stay in SG with my mun and they'll go back to HK every June and Dec school holidays.

I usually go to mum's for dinner and will spend sometime with him and before I leave, SMZ will give me a big bug and kissess, which I told him he should continue to hug us even when he grows up.
I know truly well that as the childen grow up, we'll be drifted apart gradually...........

SMZ is curious about computer and internet and is currently exploring with computer now and I hope he wont get addicted or mix with any bad company in the internet.

He was the one who introduced me to Pet Society game in the Facebook and when I've any issue with it, I'll consult him.

Actually I love all the children - nieces and nephews but he'll always be the really special one...........

RY is jealous about my love to SMZ and I've to assure him that the kind of love I've on him is different from the love I gave him.

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