Friday, September 18, 2009

Back from Manila

I came back from Manila yesterday.
This trip is really tiring since didnt sleep well - the pillow is not nice (too soft) and the air-con is too cold (already set to 30'c still freezing).

Every morning ate breakfast at 7.45am till 8.30am - very good spread in Shangrila.
Lunch was some catered food in office (fried chix, pasta, meat balls etc) ........
Dinner on the 1st night was Jap in hotel, sashimi, shabu shabu, tempura etc......
Dinner on 2nd night was also Jap but in a shopping mall near-by and we (5 paxs) shared a combo consist of sashimi, fried rice, sushi, teppanyaki beef, tempura.
Dinner on 3rd night was western grilled beef ribs, it was really nice (big boss was there)............

Yesterday I'd left office at 11.30am to catch a 2pm flight home.
I didnt have lunch (merely a banana which I brought from hotel) and had the air plane meal (I chose pasta with chix) and dinner was a Pola Chix pie I tah pau from airport.

Reached home at 7pm then went downstair to burn the offering for the last day of hungry ghost festival (the actual last day should be today, as I'll be going out, I've done the praying and offering early).
Did laundry and waited for RY to come back, but he only reach home at about 2am .........

This morning managed to wake up at 6.30am but RY was too tired and only managed to be awake at 7am.
We R&R and finally leave house for office at 8.15am and I reach work at 8.45am (I usually arrive work at 7.45am).

Tonight meeting my old secondary classmate for dinner in Ion and to collect my clothes from centrepoint.
I'll try to be home before 10pm since need to wake up early tomorrow to go KL.
RY is having company function this evening and hopefully he comes home early tonight.

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