Thursday, September 10, 2009

9 Sept Celebration?

RY called be in the afternoon that he'll bring me to Bt Batok nature park to do some stretching.
He came at 5.40pm and brought my shorts/ t-shirts for me to change.
Oh he surprised me with a bouquet of Gerberra - 3 yellow and another 3 in red - very cheery.

Due to the traffice jam, only arrive the nature park at 6.15pm.
RY ran for 2.5 rounds while I did brisk walking for 3 rounds.
Finiahed exercise at 7pm and go home to shower.

RY ta pau zhu chao - black pepper pork, chix dice in dried chilli (gong bao ji ding) and a stir fried veg in fermented beancurd (fu yu you mai).

That's how we celebrate our 9th ROM Anniversary!

Why am I still feeling so down?

While watching news on TV about couples get married on 09/09/09 and also babies borned on this special day......... I cant help but tears rolled down from my cheek ........... my baby is supposed to be borned on 9th Sept 2009 too ..........

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